Algasol ( Organic Algae Remover )

Shrimps Forever™ Algasol is an organic algae remover made from 100% natural products, completely safe for shrimps. Algasol is suitable for green- and beard algae in the aquarium. Content: 130 milliliters.


Data sheet

130 ml

Shrimps Forever™ Algasol is an organic algae remover made from 100% natural products, completely safe for shrimps. These ingredients are mainly acids that are extracted from vegetable products. These acids fight the algae without affecting animals such as shrimps, crayfish or fish. Also filter bacteria are not affected by the Algasol.
Algasol is suitable for green and beard algae in the aquarium. When problems arise with algae in the aquarium, it is important to intervene at an early stage in order to prevent the spread of the algae.
Add 2 milliliters of Algasol per 100 liters of water every week. 1 bottle of Algasol contains 130 milliliters and is sufficient for 6500 liters of water. Including drip cap (20 drops is about 1 milliliter).
You can repeat the dose until the problems are resolved.

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