Crystallize Crystal Water ( Flocullant )

Shrimps Forever™ Crystallize Crystal Water filters out impurities from the water and makes (murky) aquarium water crystal clear. Shrimps Forever Crystal clear is made of 100% natural components. Content: 130 milliliters.


Data sheet

130 ml

Shrimps Forever™ Crystallize Crystal Water filters out impurities from the water and makes (murky) aquarium water crystal clear. Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water is a mixture of different natural clay minerals. Crystal clear water is therefore many of 100% natural components.

Clay minerals are negatively charged and therefore have the ability to bind impurities. By binding these impurities, microscopic lumps are formed which will be caught in your aquarium filter. In this way your (murky) aquarium water becomes crystal clear in a few hours!


Add 1.5 milliliters of crystal clear water per 10 liters of water. 1 bottle of Crystal clear water contains 130 milliliters and is sufficient for 865 liters of water. Including drip cap (30 drops is about 1.5 milliliters).

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